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MAJOR Server Improvements
Okay, lets get real, if you mates don't know blue has a google doc (here) for server ideas but doesn't read it so I'm here. BTW I'm readdressing things from CabooseF's "MEGA Server Idea Theard"

First of all, we need to deal with crates, I suggest we have four tiers:

  • Diamond armour in there (no enchants) 
  • Diamond sword (unbreaking 1) 
  • XP or XP Bottles
  • Chance to get 2 common keys back
  • Chance to get a uncommon key
  • A diamond pickaxe (efficiency 1, unbreaking 1) 
  • Diamond block 
  • Chance to get money. $250, $400 or something 
  • Diamond armour (protection 1, unbreaking 2)
  • Diamond sword (sharpness 2, unbreaking 2)
  • XP or XP bottles 
  • Chance to get 2 uncommon keys back
  • Chance to get a rare key
  • Diamond pickaxe (efficiency 3, fortune 1, unbreaking 1)
  • Money ($500, $650 or something)
  • Elytra
  • Beacon
  • Diamond armour (protection 2, unbreaking 3)
  • More XP
  • More Money ($750, $900)
  • A chance to get 3 vote keys
  • A chance to get a legendary crate key
  • Chance to get 2 rare keys
  • Maybe offer a low value donator rank for a day or something. Let people figure out if they want to donate for it
  • Diamond Pickaxe (efficiency 3, fortune 2, unbreaking 3)
  • Diamond sword (sharpness 3, unbreaking 3, fire aspect 1)
  • 2 beacons
Legendary Crate:
  • Care Package (Maybe add a plugin that the user can request an air drop with a chest of goodies for themselves or the whole server, at least the people on)
  • Chance to get 2 legendary keys (lower percent)
  • Chance to get 2 rare keys (low percent)
  • Diamond armour (protection 4, unbreaking 3)
  • Wither star? Nobody has killed a wither yet, so they're still rare and this might be a way for people to earn them alternatively
  • Diamond Piackaxe (efficiency 4, fortune 3, unbreaking 3)
  • Diamond sword (sharpness 4, unbreaking 3, fire aspect 2)
  • Elytra
  • 3 beacons
  • A small chance to get a voucher to start a boss or server-wide event
I will continue this rant, I mean suggestion but I'm bored so bye.


I think that custom enchantments could be cool. I'm talking items you can buy/find/loot from bosses or the server-wide events. These items can be applied to items to give bonus effects, kind of like how an enchanted book being combined with an item in an anvil, except without the anvil. Ideas below.

Grind: more exp from killing mobs (multiple tiers; 1-5?) (sword and/or axe)
Gravity: which protects u against shulker shots (no levitation) (boots)
Harvester: enchantment which is fortune for crops (hoe)
Health Boost: more hearts (armour pieces)
Drawback: increased drawback speed (bow)
Glowing: night vision (helmet)
Saturation: gives hunger in exchange for durability (armour)
Smelting: chance of smelting blocks and ore (pickaxe)
Wabbit: jump boost (boots)
Swiftness: speed boost (leggings and/or boots)
Decapitation: increases chance of getting mob/player heads (axe)
Flux: chance of getting regeneration upon hit (armour)

Add more stuff to do. The minigames are cool, but not many people are playing them yet because they're all doing their own things. We need to give people reasons to play the minigames like rewards and other items. Mob Arena is not worth playing because the rewards are so little.

An addition to this, bosses, quests, and server-wide events. I think that with the current server economy, we need a server shop that adds something where we can sell basic items like blocks as a source of steady income. A new way to earn money is greatly needed. Changing the sever sign shops to custom npcs which sells/buys a certain category of items and blocks. 

The spawn and shop needs a makeover. With the server growing, the spawn should have more to do in it. Make a crafting section. Make a low level enchantment area. Add an area for the Quest NPCs. Make a larger and way cooler area for the crates to be housed in. The shop on the other hand is completely sandstone which looks horrendous. I have a few ideas for both of them. You have my discord Blue.


Buycraft: Its good but it could be better, here's a list of things the server should sell.
  • Mcmmo levels (25-100?)
  • In-game money 
  • world edit? (not the full thing but something to help clear large areas)
  • bosses (if the sever introduces bosses, you could buy like a legendary one or something)
  • more homes (10 more /sethome)
Feel free to put your suggestions or views on my suggestions in the reply. Big Grin
All the buycraft suggestions have been denied because they conflict with the EULA, sorry.
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK
No problem, only suggestions.

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