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Staff App
What is your username? LeCactuss

What is your date of birth? 11-29-01

Why do you want to be staff (1 Paragraph)? I want to be staff because i used to own a server but it go to expensive
So i started helping other server. I love helping other servers owning a server can get very annoying at times.
but if you help someone else its tons easier.

How will you contribute to the staff team(1 Paragraph)? I will the keep the server toxic free. And i will help anyone that needs help or asks questions. I will try my best to try and make the server a great place to be.

Have you ever been staff on a previous server? Yes, i used to own one and i was staff on ValadixPvp and demonic pvp

Anything else you want to tell us. Yes if i get accepted i will me this server great again. Smile
You have only played 56 minutes on the server
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK

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