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Nether Dungeon Build Contest!
This contest requires you to build a nether dungeon on the server (preferably in a flat area in the overworld). You will submit your build to the forum with pictures and coordinates to the build.

The best build may be added to the server as a randomly spawning neither dungeon
Please keep your build under a chunk big so 16x16. The height may not exceed 30

You must include empty chests and signs (where mob spawners will be placed). Lastly, you must use some sort if block from the nether and make sure that it would look good if placed in the nether.

The prizes will be announced after the winners are chosen. Good Luck!
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK
http://imgur.com/a/P5Zic & http://imgur.com/a/UAZKo

Small & Simple

Underground dungeon
Building Coordinates: x:2712 y:71 z:3876

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