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Free Noble Upgrade [2 Players]
Edit by Phantom: It looks like Wir3s will not be fulfilling the giveaway. In addition to this, only Caboose and Ranger would be eligible to win the prize. With this all in mind, come Friday the 11th (when I get paid) I will be getting both of you one month of Noble sub, as well as $5,000 dollars in-game.

Edit by TheBlueKyanite: Contest closed to too hosts being inactive. Sorry!

I think it's really important for players to have organized discussions and have a place to make clear suggestions and feedback.

From now until August 4th, I'll be hosting an event that gives you the opportunity to join the ranks of Noble on Crystal MC.

On Friday, I'll randomly select two players that have registered on the forum at any time. The only thing you have to do to have a shot at Noble is to register on the forum and confirm your email. 

Not going to disclose how the winners will be selected because I don't want anyone to take advantage of it. 

I'll be paying for this out-of-pocket, and this is in support of Crystal MC.

EDIT: I'm going to pay for two months of Noble for each player, giving each winner $10 in free server perks.

Good luck
This is great, thanks for hosting the contest!
Are you going to be paying for the winners' subscription monthly or just for one month each?
Very nice contribution of you, thanks so much for getting the community engaged! I would like to chip in as well by offering an Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III Diamond pick axe (Silk Touch can be substituted instead of Fortune if wanted).
done and done... now we wait.

"Begins to intensely stare at Wir3s."

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