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Phantom's Forum Mod App
Q: Are you a member? 
A: Why yes, I am!

Q: What is your username?
A: Phantom330

Q: What is your date of birth?
A: 09/06/1996 (September 6th, 1996. Almost hitting that big 21!)

Q: Why do you want to be staff?
A: I just started playing on this server a few days ago, but I am already in love with it. Both the playerbase and staff are super awesome and helpful, and I felt welcome from the moment when I was a Guest to even now that I am a King. This server has a ton of potential to be amazing, and I absolutely love the fact that Blue is very mindful of things such as the Minecraft EULA for donations. This shows that you (the staff) really want the server to succeed and aren't in it just for the donation money, which is where a good experience all starts. What makes a good experience continue though is the playerbase; and we have an amazing one. I've asked tons of dumb questions; I still do from time to time. However, not once has anyone been sarcastic or rude, which gives credit to not only the players but to the staff team as well for keeping everything in line. Why I want to be staff, to finally answer the question properly, is so that I can help continue this growth and support we've been receiving, and make sure that all people, whether they be someone just starting out or a veteran, feels welcome not only on the server, but on the forums as well.

Q: How will you contribute to the staff team?
A: A forum is a fairly hard place to grow, especially for a Minecraft server. However, a successful forum will help a server out tremendously; a place where players can come and have a voice (suggestions/etc) is a fantastic way to get the players involved with the community. What I plan to do is twofold; one, make sure that people actually visit the forum. You can't grow a forum without loyal members, and we already have a loyal playerbase in-game, so we should be able to get the forums thriving as well. Secondly, I want to ensure that when players do come to the forums, that it is a well-maintained area that they can freely voice their opinions in. Unfortunately, I have a full time job, so there are times where I will be unable to fix things immediately. However, the problem lies in when spam posts / etc get left for days on end, something that not only tarnishes the staff reputation but the server as well. To summarize, I plan to get more people involved in the forums and keep it a clean environment so everyone's voices can be heard.

Q: Have you ever been staff on a previous server?
A: Not a Minecraft server, no. However, I'm also big into World of Warcraft private servers, where I have been part of staff teams on several servers. I have also been a forum mod on a few different forums as well, so I have a rough idea on how the admin panel / etc shakes out. 

Q?: Anything else you want to tell us.
A: I think I've pretty much encompassed most of what I wanted to write in the previous questions, but I can expand here a bit as well. Like I mentioned previously, I have a full time job and responsibilities, but this position isn't something that I intend to take lightly. Regardless if you are a moderator in-game or a moderator on the forums, you should conduct yourself in a manner that brings pride to the server, which is what I intend to do. I spoke earlier about getting players involved in the forums, which I value highly as not only is there great information to be shared here, but this is a fantastic place to get your voice heard and recognized. The ability to influence the server and see it grow from suggestions that you have made is an amazing feeling, and I want everyone to be able to feel that. Lastly, as far as equipment goes: I have a working headset/microphone and am comfortable jumping into any sort of meetings or talks with staff/players should the need arise. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading!
Your application is written really nicely, but we think that we should wait a day to make sure that anyone who wants to apply can apply
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK
Definitely! I want everyone to have an opportunity to apply
We have reviewed your application, and you have been accepted as a forum moderator.
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK

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