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wir3s Staff Application [Public relations]
Are you a member? My rank is Noble. I joined the ranks of Member 3 days after the server launched.

What is your username? wir3s

What is your date of birth? 18+ (Don't want to display my DOB for my own privacy & protection)

Why do you want to be staff? I spent about a year without playing Minecraft, or any video games, and not too long ago I got back into MC and console games. It was difficult trying to find a decent Minecraft server to play on, but ever since I found CrystalMC I've been hooked! Because of my love for the server and all the fun I was having I quickly donated to both support the server and move up in the ranks. I want a staff position on the server and forum because I see a long-term relationship with our admin and players and want to carry out a position that will be in the best interest of the server and community.

How will you contribute to the staff team? I'm not looking to be a moderator on the server, I'm more-or-less trying to create a whole different position for myself as a public relations manager. The main job of a PR manager is to ensure the reputation of a company or community. I want to work closely with players to bring new suggestions to our admin and implement new strategies for growing and managing the server. One example would be coordinating events on the server, such as giveaways and contests. Another job of mine would be managing any social media accounts pertaining to CrystalMC and releasing news, updates, and important information about the server to players through Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms. I have the time to create accounts, post daily, and still dedicate time to playing on the server. 

Have you ever been staff on a previous server? Yes, in the past I've been a moderator on some servers but it's been too long to be of any importance on this application. I like to work behind-the-scenes, coordinating events and creating a reputation for the community I'm with. 

Anything else you want to tell us. I don't want to have the job as a Moderator, I want to work in public relations for the server. I'll take on marketing, and be seeking new ideas for the goodwill of the community. That's my job, and it's very specialized. It takes actual experience, which I have, in public relations. This isn't a moderator position, this is more of a management position up with the administration, even though I'll still have to come to agreements with our admin on new ideas and concepts.
I thought my application was okay but yours is so much better! I 100% would enjoy seeing you in this position. Good luck!

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