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Ranger_Hestiant Staff Application
Are you a member?

What is your username?

What is your date of birth?

Why do you want to be staff?
I want to help the server grow past into a server that is fun and a friendly server. 

How will you contribute to the staff team?
I plan to contribute to the staff team by helping making sure players follow the rules and helping build the server into the future. I also want to help build different structures around the server for players to hang out at. (adding on to spawn and the like)

Have you ever been staff on a previous server?
While i never have been a official staff on previous servers, i have helped admins and other staff members make sure that players follow the rules and have helped to build spawns and other attractions for players to use. I also was a previous player of Crystal Survival.

Anything else you want to tell us.
I have Java programming knowledge and working on learning how to build minecraft plugins using the spigot API.  (currently learning how to make a pwarp plugin.)
Congratulations, you have been accepted to the staff team!
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK

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