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Server Announcement #1
Server Update #1
Info on the upcoming server update

The server will soon have a new high quality terrain generator, with really cool custom biomes.

There will be a huge map update with an updated spawn and a bigger (and better) shop area. Designated areas for server shops have been created.

Engineer Job, redstone
Tamer Job, tame animals

This update will also bring en entirely new quests system with story based quests.

The server will  have a custom dimensions system with portals like a nether portal. These portals would take you to custom worlds, suggested by the players.


[Image: reWAKOz.jpg]

Custom Biome
[Image: 50grmmD.jpg]
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Server Announcement #1 - by TheBlueKyanite - 11-16-2017, 07:14 PM

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